New Composer Pool


20 compositions (9 originally) Uprightbass Solo written for Swiss performer/musicus Cristin Wildbolz. A Performance to experience with your eyes and ears.

"K9+ONE" in connection with the NewComposerPool is creating a situation, in which performer and musical conceptionalists (composer) are the centre of attention. Performer and composer are familiar with the language of "soundcreation / improvisation" as much as they are familiar with a catalogue of compositionally technical settings and the procedures of influences. "K9+ONE" builts a flexible connection of creative improvisation and composed material, it's a 'masterpiece on the move'.

Since 2000 Cristin Wildbolz ordered and performed 20 new compositions for contrabass SOLO +/- Elektronics. The NewComposerPool links composers from all over the world.

Theater de Regentes 2003 (DIDO: M.Nas/Regie: Adelheid Roosen)

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"I hear with my eyes,
my skin, my body.
My movement, my posture
generate the sound."

Since I graduated from the Sweelinck Conservatorium in 1993 I have enthousiastically worked with other musicians and artists in the areas of dance, theatre and film with the aim to investigate the intertwining, limiting and possibly overlapping fields of those disciplines. As case studies I chose my own group 'BAKARKA' (dance, video, turntables, base and electric violin), or 'SPEECHWATER'(turntables, base, vocals, dance, video), as well as the 'Swiss Improvisersorchestra' (14 musicians, one drummer). Beyond those interdisciplinary experiments I am devoted to new music and new compositional methods. Discovering and exploring composed New Music, in particular the impressions left from listening have strongly influenced and determined the dimension and understanding of my perception of sound.

In spring 2001 I confronted myself with the concrete question concerning composition and improvisation and had my first practical experience: The trio 'CIELETTERRA' (L├╝scher, Rieben, Wildbolz) did collaborate with some Swiss composers (A. Zimmerlin, M. Meierhans and P. Viviani). From that process new questions and challenges evolved.

With the project 'K9+ONE' I am creating a situation, in which the joining of performers (myself) and musical conceptionalists (the composers) is the centre of attention. Performer and composers are familiar with the quality of improvisation as much as they are familiar with a catalogue of compositionally technical settings and the procedures of influences. A flexible connection of creative improvisation and composed material, a 'masterpiece on the move'.

Since 2003 the composers of K9+ONE are connected within the
NewComposerPool. Individual ideas and experiences are exchanged and a new platform is built.

Many thanks to STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam, Center for Research and Development of instruments and tools for performers in the electronic performance arts, for their support and realization of bowsensors specially for the new composition TOSS.


There are 6'000'000'000 and even more people living on this earth today.
At least Sixteen million people live in the Netherlands alone.
People of this country have to move closer and closer together.
In the cities people of different backgrounds and cultures live next to each other.
How can people extend the space they live in?
If we connect with our surrounding we feel space growing arround and in ourselves.
18 compostion for double-base SOLO.
Written in Holland, Germany, Zwitzerland, France, Japan, Israel and USA. 18 different starting points, 18 different

Those stories, reports and information dissolve the traditional structure of space. They have their very own opportunity to
experience the same space. The listeners and viewers are taken for a walk through landscapes, which, from always the same standing
point, can never be fully appreciated.


The realm evolves from the gesture of the play, the body.
What is the relationship between the body and the realm?
How does the body measure the realm?
There are a number of possibilities to move through the space, to inhabit the space, to empty or fill it.
Investigating light, gesture and choreography of the realm are a major part of this project.
That way the known function and repertoire for the double-bass, as an instrument, is extended.



the sounds you see
the colors you hear

open your hands
and you will, dear

waves of white and shiny
like the moon in its full

where is your trust
where is your vision
where is your time

curious you are


1. Bump (comp.A.Wolman ISRAEL)
2. Contravoice (comp.Keren Rosenbaum ISRAEL/NYC
3. Grass (comp.Cristin Wildbolz 2000 for Groep van Steen / performance)
4. Grass part 2 (idem)
5. Epulcara (comp.Riccardo Massari Spiritini BARCELONA)

04 Bump_Almon Wolman.mp36.5 MB
05 contravoice_kerenrosenbaum.mp36.13 MB
02 GroepvanSTeen1.mp36.72 MB
03 groepvansteen2.mp32.42 MB
02 epulcara.mp36.71 MB